Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Case #4 Noise

 Delptronics LDB
4ms RCD
The power wiring is complete and Case #4 made a noise with  a random selection of modules to hand.
I have taken it apart again to add I/O jack sockets on both sides.
Should be about done this week.

Modules I am currently seeking are Pamela's Workout, VILFO and a delay, either Pittsburgh or foh.

I am also rather intrigued by the Delptronics Little Drummer Boy. The demo on their site shows it running with the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Case #4 22nd Jan

2. power inputs
1. Case 4
Racks done [1], power input done [2]. I have had to move the power supply as there is less room at the top than I had thought.
Two power supplies as the Trogotronic has its own: red because the 676 is too.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Case #4 18th Jan

Case #4 18th Jan
I'm working in the kitchen today as it's snowing outside and too cold to work in the lean-to.
The power supply board is in place and the first rack built. Something of a miscalculation on the design: I hadn't allowed for the bolts used in the rack-ears and so could have used a single sheet of ply which would have allowed slightly more HP.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Case #4 11th Jan

1. Case 4
2. new handle
The racks are on the way from Schneiders.
1. Case 4
2. With a new handle from Buster Cases
3. Doepfer power rails in
4. Double plywood sides in to support the rack ears.

3. power rails
4. sides

Saturday, 5 January 2013

uLFO patch link

There's a great demo here by machinate.

The embed seems to flip to another of his - I'll try to sort that out later.In the meantime, select from the playlist, bottom left of the screen.

The modules mentioned are:

  • Bubblesound uLFO - sine out to 
  • A110 VCO - sine out to (from the posted comments) 
  • "bugbrand pt-delay frac modified for euro. The closest thing commercially available is the FoH Sound of Shadows, which uses the exact same chip" 
  • the delay is being CD modulated by the sine shape out from the uLFO
  • the rate of the uLFO is controlled by another LFO (in this case the Doepfer A147 VCLFO)
  • half way through, he modulates the VCLFO from the uLFO sine mod out
Housed in what is described as a "GT turtle tool case".

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Trogotronic 676

Having moved the Rietveld desk to the back bedroom, the first noise was from the 676 and the Doepfer Spring Reverb. I began by using the uLFO to provide CV control, but abandoned this for knob-twiddling by hand. The 676 is sensitive to variations and the strategy I have learned is to fiddle gently with the other controls, then adjust the modulator until it gets edgy again.

Another first, a video on Vimeo using the Sony 190: sound from the camera as a temporary measure.