Friday, 28 December 2012

C#4 progress

I have made a start on the woodwork.
The Trogotronic has arrived. It is a Thing of Beauty. And nice instructions: I'll post a copy. The box states THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS, which is far more encouraging than Eric Barbour's Your music still sucks on the box of the Metasonix R54 (I have the  Mark I, but that page is no longer on their site). I expect the two modules will look very pretty glowing side-by-side.
Anyway, due to pick up the power supply from Maplin tomorrow.
I'll try it in the Happy Endings while Case #4 is under construction.

The Schneiders order is waiting for a delivery and should ship in early January.

And GAK are waiting for more Oranges.

I'm getting a new room in which to deploy the wurble-bleeps, probably on the Rietveld desk.

Thursday, 20 December 2012


There's another Meet on 16th Feb.

I'll aim to get Case #4 done for then.

And I'm tempted by an Orange MicroStack to go with it.

Case 4 prosecution

The fourth case is large, deep and rather primitive, again from a camera fair.
I have ordered aluminium rails from Schneiders and will start the build in the New Year.
I'm getting a Doepfer Spring Reverb for Christmas and this should fit nicely in the lid.
I also took the opportunity to order Strakal Brulu germanium fuzz module (that page can take a long time to load).

I have finished the video course and so will post a video of the boxes ignoring one another one day.

I still need a delay or two and some VC mixers cheaper than the Cwejman.

I have also had to buy a Trogotronic 676. They have somehow managed to bottle Keith Emerson attacking his Hammond with kitchen knives (ref. Karelia Suite, Five Bridges, I saw it in Cardiff when still at school several decades past). There is no finer sound. Starts at 6:14 here.
The module takes a separate power supply - that's an admirable attribute. I'll install it in Case #4, add a separate XLR power input which I'll paint red.

Two new red modules in one day. It must be Christmas.