Thursday, 20 December 2012

Case 4 prosecution

The fourth case is large, deep and rather primitive, again from a camera fair.
I have ordered aluminium rails from Schneiders and will start the build in the New Year.
I'm getting a Doepfer Spring Reverb for Christmas and this should fit nicely in the lid.
I also took the opportunity to order Strakal Brulu germanium fuzz module (that page can take a long time to load).

I have finished the video course and so will post a video of the boxes ignoring one another one day.

I still need a delay or two and some VC mixers cheaper than the Cwejman.

I have also had to buy a Trogotronic 676. They have somehow managed to bottle Keith Emerson attacking his Hammond with kitchen knives (ref. Karelia Suite, Five Bridges, I saw it in Cardiff when still at school several decades past). There is no finer sound. Starts at 6:14 here.
The module takes a separate power supply - that's an admirable attribute. I'll install it in Case #4, add a separate XLR power input which I'll paint red.

Two new red modules in one day. It must be Christmas.

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