Friday, 24 July 2015

New rack

I've been thinking of building a new eurorack to mount under the shelf above my laptop (if you see what I mean). This month's Sound on Sound featured a new product range from Sknote which strikes an elegant note in plywood.
I have a small, shallow Pittsburgh rack but need one with depth to hold the A126 Doepfer Frequency Shifter.
There's only room for 1 unit high and then around 84HP wide.

I'll consider the contents in due course: the initial plan is to process radio while I am listening to it and to interact with the trogotronic 679.

We'll have the A126 and the Strakal Brulu for starters.
[29th July] First cut of the modules.


The A126 is 105mm deep, so I might aim for a 200mm deep box and position the power rack carefully so that the power cables will reach.

Other Frequency Shifting modules available from:
Audio damage
Analogue Systems
Encore Electronics
Synthesis Technology (their site is not available)

and, no doubt, several more

but I have $000s of modules gathering dust, so let's go with what we have.

[2 Aug] Measurements:
Modules are 5¼in. high, the space available is 20" wide.
I might add a row of sideways DIY 4HP multiples mixing mini-jacks and ¼ in, freeing up the 12HP currently occupied by the RS-270. The Pittsburgh Delay will probably not fit.
Perhaps the Dewanatron Triple Slice: the exact opposite of the Strakal and (I believe) the first green eurorack module.
Three multiples would fit so perhaps:
1. 2x 6.3 to 3.5 for input
2. 2 sets of 4 3.5s
3. 2x 3.5 to 6.3 for output

Thonk do rails and so I have ordered an 84HP set.

[4 Aug] The original plan for this rack was low budget, screwing the modules into wood and recycling an old Doepfer power supply. Having ponied up for aluminium rails (£50ish), I have now decided to continue with the easier and dearer options and ordered a uZeus power supply from Rubadub (£65). No answer from EMIS on the query on 4HP blanking plates to use for the multiples.
A power supply in the rack will mean not enough room for the Dewanatron. Here's the latest plan:



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