Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Pitts micro: Dream


The Pittsburgh micro arrived. It is lovely but the cheeks are seriously overpriced: nevertheless, its beauty is confirmed. I'll set it up to run while I finish the build.
I'm tempted to try a Dream Machine in the micro first.

Above is the Strange original, left is the Doepfer version.

The hardware requirements for the original are:

  • two random voltage sources
  • an 8-step sequencer
  • one VCLFO
  • one audio oscillator
  • one sample and hold
  • one voltage inverter
  • two VCAs
  • and and envelope generator
  • the first RVS gets a kick on each 8th sequence step so a clock divider might also be needed.
While I have all the necessary modules, not all of them will fit in the micro, depth 52 mm and 36mm in places. I guess many of the Pittsburgh modules will fit in a Pittsburgh micro and they include a sequencer (14HP, depth 25mm) and a utility module (6HP, depth 43mm) that includes S/H and INV.

Here's the first pass, most of the Doepfer modules are too deep. Grid.

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