Monday, 17 July 2017


I have been rather quiet blog-wise for a while, but have been roused from my stupor by the SoS review of Soma Laboratory's Lyra-8. I'm on the waiting list.

My first thought is a desktop rack combining the Lyra-8 with the Trogotronic 679 and possibly a couple of limiters and stereo processors.

[Later that day] Soma have replied - the wait time is currently about a year. So it goes. It can only get longer with the SoS review.

Email 30th July - new staff taken on, waiting time down to six months.

Here's a Lyra-8 demo from the inventor.

In the SoS review, Paul Nagle mentions,
"On impulse I connected my Doepfer ribbon controller, using its gate output to drive the Hold, routing its pressure CV to delay time and controlling the pitch with the ribbon’s position. Like, wow! Suddenly I had a new type of control over those eight voices. Despite the wacky approach to tuning, this might be the closest I’ll ever come to emulating some of the delights of a Dewanatron Swarmatron!"

So I might have to rethink the housing - perhaps a New Case and a small eurorack allocation.
The size of the Lyra is is 265 x 265 mm and the sockets are at the top, comprising "quarter-inch sockets for CV and gate, external input and audio output. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone port."
The Lyra, Trog and eurorack would mean three hefty mains units.

This links to the manual.

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