Friday, 14 September 2012

Instrument 1 Version 2

Doepfer A143-4
I had to unplug the first multi-source Dream Machine patch in an enforced house tidy and will take the opportunity to reconfigure the modules.
While the Doepfer SoU and the Heisenberg have some discipline, I found the Wogglebug and NoiseRing too chaotic for my purpose, so I will concentrate on the first two.
Makenoise Phonogene
Doepfer's A143.4 Quad VCLFO is now available and so I have ordered one of those plus a 138c mixer and another 175 inverter from EMIS.
And with a windfall due to arrive, some more esoteric modules are on the cards, notably the Makenoise Phonogene.
And there's a camera fair on Sunday bringing the possibility of a second case.

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