Sunday, 16 September 2012

New Cases

Two new cases from the camera fair, £5 and £8 - that would be the cost of postage on ebay. They are around the same size and larger than the first, which might allow some storage space,
The current plan is to build wood surrounds in both then use the simple screw into wood mounts on one and try the more sophisticated aluminium rails on the other: if the latter works, I might try upgrading the first two cases.
Either way, I'll need two more zeus power supplies plus warts and two more Pittsburgh Outs. I'll start with one of each.

[Later] I have ordered two more Outs from Rhythm Active. Regarding power, given that I am moving away from The Cupboard in favour of smaller units in cases, it would make sense to liberate the power supplies from the Cupboard and use them in the cases, as did Tony of Synovatron.

[22Sep] The Outs arrived today - 6 days from Oz, another terrific delivery from Rhythm Active.

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