Saturday, 16 February 2013

Brighton meet

I wandered around the campus for an hour before finding the location (who would have thought there would be two Attenborough Centres, one derelict?), but eventually, thanks to a lift from a resident workperson repairing the paving, found the venue. The fault was all mine: it was clearly signposted once you got there.
A terrific show: I bought a 2nd hand Maths from thonk; enjoyed some compliments on Case #4; had help in exploring the nature of the Trog676 (thanks, David aka a100); and met a bunch of helpful, friendly  and handy folk, including those behind FSS and Postmodular.

I had intended to experiment with verbal radio into an envelope follower, thereby developing tunes through an ASR, but instead just played the Trog and  Strakal Brulu.

And here's a sweet post on wurbling with few modules: modular haiku.

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