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Trautoniks Trautorium
Trautoniks Trautorium
The March Sound on Sound reviews the Trautoniks wondrous recreation of the Trautonium.
Regrettably, it sells for €5,000, which puts it beyond my budget.

But there is Doepfer's implementation of the Mixtur-Trautonium which is affordable.

I already have the ribbon controller, so I just need the A104 trautonium filter and the A113 sub-harmonic generator.

Doepfer Trautonium patch
The patch suggested by Doepfer (towards the bottom of the page on the link above, or see right) requires, in addition:

  • 2 A110 oscillators - tick
  • A118 noise generator - I think I have one of those
  • mixer A138a or b - tick
  • two VCAs A130 or A131 - tick (the second is to use with an A177 and a foot controller) 
  • A140 ADSR - I do need more
  • A145 LFO - tick
So most are already in stock. I have been saying for a while that I'll do one more case in an old leather suitcase and what could be a finer subject for such a case than a Trautonium. The plan is
  1. get the modules
  2. set up a Trautonium in Case 1, to settle the requirements in terms of modules, accessories and space required
  3. source a suitable suitcase and transfer the bits to the new home (power supply the Xeus and also the Outs  from Case 1) [I guess the Outs isn't really necessary and the 2nd VCA can go straight to the speaker.]
  4. recycle Case 1 as a carrier for cables, wall warts, speakers(?) and other necessary bits for two other cases when travelling.
A note on sizes:
  • A198 ribbon 8HP 40mm deep 40mA
  • A104 filter 20HP 45mm deep 30mA
  • A113 sub 26HP 90mm 30mA
  • A110 vco 10 - 55 -70
  • A118 noise 8 - 40 -20
  • A138 mix 8 - 35 10
  • A130 VCA 8 - 45 - 20
  • A177 foot  4 - 30 - 10
  • A140 ADSR 8 - 50 - 20
  • A145 LFO 8 - 55 - 30 
It should fit, with room for a few extras: I'd like to add a random CV generator (perhaps the Heisenberg to break the Doepfer monopoly) and a VCLFO for rhythm and also allow space for the wall wart, patch cables and a mini-speaker (maybe even a pedal, if I bother with one), so I'll come up with a requirement for the case size.

  • Case 1 internally is 260x345 
  • the depth must be 90 for the A113 - the depth requirement applies to the main portion of the case, not including the lid
  • An Altec Lansing speaker is 90x55
  • the wart is 70x70x160 + cable
  • plus a space for patch cables
  • that doesn't include the foot controller
So, extending the width from 345 to 450 should provide storage for the speaker and wart and the patch cords might be left in situ (if the lid allows) or in a bag (if not).

Initial conclusion, 260x450x90(main) or imperial 11x18x4(main) inches (rounding up). That (see right) might do - ending on eBay tonight. Bought for £33. I'm hoping that the ribbon controller (about 600) will fit in the lid diagonally (I'll wait and see rather than invoke Pythagoras), otherwise I'll play with some sort of scabbard arrangement using a snooker cue case or similar. More news when received.

Regarding the diagonal, a quick approximation with the measuring tape suggests it will not fit. That is deemed acceptable, because a case large enough for it to fit would be too large for all the other kit. Everything is a compromise.

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