Thursday, 18 April 2013

Case 4 revisited

c4n 18Apr13
Legs on, time to revisit the modules.

  • I have replaced the Plan-B VCO with the 95E to save space. It's smaller, possibly slightly less flexible, but prettier and, goddamit, British. And also significantly shallower, which makes positioning easier (I can move the two Red Modules back together).
  • I think that pairing the MATHS with the Synchrodyne might initially prove an excessive learning curve as they are both complex modules, but they're in for now. I might temporarily substitute a random voltage module for the MATHS at some point.
  • There's a Doepfer Manual Gate to kick the Flame.
  • The Frequency Shifter had to move to the bottom row because of its depth - the power supply lies under the top row.
  • I might get a Doepfer thin multiple A180-2 to lever in. 
  • The current configuration includes six VCLFOs - one A147, one 143-4 and the uLFO. You cannot have too many VCLFOs. I'm still in the market for a VILFO.
  • No standalone filter and no standalone ADSR, but some of the modules incorporate these things.

There might be slightly more HP in c4 than I have declared in ModularGrid, but I have not screwed them in yet and that always squeezes the space.

C4 with legs was [to me]  a thing of beauty, even empty (calling to mind Rincewind's Luggage). But with modules it becomes something altogether more magnificent.

What else might fit in? The VILFO and Morphing Terrarium combination has already been mentioned. f(h)'s IMP must also contend. Perhaps a second Noise Case is called for (I still have a spare power supply): but let's fiddle with c4 first.

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