Friday, 5 April 2013

Flame talking synth

Flame Talking Synth
Talking Synth
The module arrived today. I have only played with it for half-an-hour, but I'm pretty certain it's the most bizarre module I have encountered. A splendid and lucky find.
Here's the manual, noises to follow.
Case4Noise 5Apr13
Case4Noise 5Apr13

And here is the latest iteration of Case4Noise.
It's time to decide on a delay.

[6th] I have ordered the Synchrodyne from PM and the Pittsburgh delay from Oz (couldn't resist a drummer boy too).

The latest version of c4n includes the Doepfer A126 Frequency Shifter. I'm not sure it will fit in the case as it is quite deep and almost certainly not where currently shown as that's where the power supply lives.

I'll soon add a post of all the manuals for the c4n modules.

I am also considering adding removable legs to the case so that it is useable on the floor as it is rather too large for my desk. I have spent some time searching unsuccessfully for them but have just discovered that they are called Dansette Legs, being used for the record players of that name. I wonder whether I could convert a Dansette case for wurble-bleeps.

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