Monday, 1 April 2013

WTB and Sponsorship

The outfall from the Case4Noise plan requires:

  1. Synchrodyne
  2. VILFO
  3. delay - previously considering Pittsburgh and FoH. There's also the Synthesis Technology E580 resampling mini-delay
  4. and perhaps eventually a Morphing Terrarium.
The Little Drummer Boy will have to wait.

[2Apr13] Four OU invigilation sessions and a cheque from Google Adsense all in today's post will pay for the Morphing Terrarium.
I might reintroduce the Inadvertent Module Sponsorship first envisaged in the original blog (two links there), as when LiDL (in an obscure way) gave me £90 for a sequencer and CAB were going to pay for the Trautonium.

[3Apr13] I'm still trying to decide which delay to buy: Postmodular has the E580; Schneiders have the Pittsburgh; and Rhythm Active has the FoH.

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