Thursday, 28 March 2013

Case 4 Noise

Draft setup 28th March
I've been thinking about packing Case 4 with (probably) four discrete noisy patches, each meriting the marat (arhythmic, atonal muck) seal of approval. This would be a winner for the next synth meet, wherever and whenever that might be. Candidates include:

1. My favourite pairing,  Trogotronic 676 and Strakal Brulu with a versatile VCO to poke the former. The Plan B worked well at Brighton.
2. Livewire Dual Cyclotron plus AFG.
3. Bubblesound uLFO plus a (yet to be acquired) delay, as here. The patch also uses a Doepfer A110
4. Flame talking synth (ytba nabbed one on ebay at a decent price later that day) with whatever it likes. Instruction manual here.
5. Synchrodyne and Maths (50% in stock) video here. In terms of HP, it's either #2 or #5.

v2 draft 1st April 
Perhaps a Pittsburgh LFO2 would fit in - excellent cost benefit case.

Run them through the Cwejman mixer to fiddle the levels and pans.

I'll work on the setup in modular grid. Case  4 will hold three rows of 65HP and includes the A199 spring reverb.

This thread on haiku patches is pertinent. It includes a post on the Maths Synchrodyne patch.
And a post on pairing the VILFO and Morphing Terrarium, there's a beautifully noisy sound file here.
There also links to two other threads - One Module and ultra-small patches.

There's a v2 with option 5 replacing option 2. I have also added my custom IO to modulargrid and a VILFO to the setup.

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