Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dream Machine

One of the prerequisites for the project is that The Case should be large enough to contain a Dream Machine. This was defined in the best book available on (modular) synthesis, Allen Strange's Electronic Music Systems, Techniques and Controls. Diagram right.
The components are:

  • Two random voltage sources - Doepfer's SoU provides two, 12+4HP
  • Sequencer - my smaller is the Analogue Solutions, about 18HP
  • VCLFO A-147 8HP
  • S/H A-148 4HP
  • VCO the Anti-Oscillator is 14HP
  • Inverter A-A175 4HP
  • Two VCAs - there's one on the A109 Signal processor, I need another: a Doepfer A-132 dual VCA is 4HP
  • ADSR A-142 8HP
And the likely permanent modules:
  • Signal Processor A-109 20HP
  • uZeus 4HP
  • Outs 6HP
Total Dream = 76ish
Standards = 30
total = 106

So that's far too much for the 67HP case. Think again. [next day] Silly me, I have two lots of 67HP so carry on.

67*2 = 134 - 106 = 28 free for some sound processing or a second VCO to provide some other notes. The Metasonix R-54 is around 22HP, still leaving 6HP, but not with storage. What is the narrowest VCO?

On power, the uZeus comes with two power leads for 5+5=10 modules and allows another lead for 15 in total.

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