Sunday, 29 July 2012


first noise
The Wart from Farnell arrived next day (Weds). The uZeus from Postmodular was sent on Thurs, using the Post Office's 'guaranteed by 1 the next day' service, and arrived at 7am on Saturday (the PO's web site explains that, during the Olympics, next day becomes the day after).
I found that the celebrated case builder Ross Lamond stocks TipTop power leads and also ships quickly - that arrived on Friday. So on Saturday morning all the essential kit was here (Rhythm Active shipped the Pittsburgh Outs on Saturday).
foam replacement
The uZeus is an impressive piece of kit - the engraved statement watch out hot surface is true: the faceplate is a radiator. I set up the framework outside the case and it burbled happily on TipTop power through a Logitech X-140 while I replaced the foam with a wooden framework.

I set up the Doepfer Dream Machine subset and then the full Strange Dream Machine and I am still fiddling with the latter. There is space for a second VCO until the Outs arrives, so I will add that today.

Snaps to follow and then noises.

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