Sunday, 22 July 2012

The case

 I have the case.

I have some Schroff rack inserts left over from the Cupboard but no rails left. Somewhere I have a box of the rails that you get with Doepfer DIY kits (the sort you insert the nuts into), but I'm not sure where.

For the first effort, I might try just a wooden structure and screw the units directly into the wood.

The case is large enough for two rows, certainly if I go 'all wood', not certain with aluminium, until I find the rails. It is 36cm wide and 7cm deep, so it will only take modestly deep modules.

I have emailed David at Postmodular about getting an eZeus power supply - they are not the currently in stock list, though the f(h) power unit is, so that can be a fallback. No answer yet, though he usually takes a few days. SchneidersBuero seem too have them.

I am supposed to be decorating next week, but if I could get the eZeus, this could be running in a week. It always takes a lot longer than I expect.

I had to look it up - an HP is 0.2" - the case is just over 13.5", so that's two rows of around 67HP. The next job is to work out what I need for a Dream Machine and see whether it will fit. It would be nice to  allow some storage space for the wall wart, cables etc., but that might not be possible. It did occur to me today that if the case is too small then I can spend some quality time touring camera fairs to corner the market in larger cases and, no doubt, buy more cameras too. There are no downsides to this plan.

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