Saturday, 21 July 2012


That might sound like something bankers do to each other, but this is actually about modular synthesis.
I started a blogger entry a few years ago then switched it to my own web site at SnapDragon, which will probably continue. The blog detailed my gradual acquisition of euro-format modules and the building of the Cupboard.

Today I attended a Muffwiggler meeting in Brighton but could not contribute my own wurble-bleeps, so, as recently concluded, I need a portable setup. There are some snaps of the meeting here.

Tony of Synovatron was there - he has published details of converting a Halfords tool case (that link might not last), details here. This is powered by a Doepfer DIY Kit 1. My first inclination was to follow the same route, but I might seek simplifications and enhancements. The Synovatron blog notes that 'the case is just hardboard with a thin aluminium veneer': I have had an aluminium camera case for 40 years (bought when in school in the late 60s or early 70s - my dad customised the interior), no longer in use, which is far more solid. Regarding the power supply, I liked the look of the Tiptop microZeus and will go with that.

The plan is to build a case which will allow me to work in detail on subsets of the Cupboard and, of course, turn up to outside events and play.

The minimum requirement is that is should be large enough to run a Dream Machine (and there must, of course, be the components of a Dream Machine left in the Cupboard). The diagram is from Allen Strange's seminal Electronic Music Systems, Techniques and Controls.

The case will allow the development of a series of Temporary Instruments. I will document the case and the instruments here.

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