Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Case 5 (Trautonium)

The inside of the case is a bit of a mess (fig. 1) and so I have lined it with plywood (fig. 2).

I would still like the case to be self-contained, i.e. to carry the wall-wart and a small speaker and so have incorporated compartments for those (fig. 3), but not yet as a permanent fixture.

I'll still need to ensure that the essential modules will fit, bearing in mind the rather thick plywood I have available (left over from tiling the bathroom floor) and the inevitable loss of space if I use aluminium rails and rack-ears. Perhaps a rethink (all modules, no storage) will be necessary.

The Doepfer article on the Trautonium, which I have quoted at length here, states
Oskar Sala used for nearly all recordings a freeuncy shifter (made by the German company Telefunken). This is why we included the Frequency Shifter A-126.
Another module that could be included is the Spring Reverb A-199. Mr Sala used reverb or delay for almost all recordings.
And this is clearly demonstrated in this video of  a 1991 concert. This made me wonder whether I would regret not incorporating these (FS. delay and/or reverb) into a larger case, however
  1.  the FS is significantly deeper, requiring a much larger case;
  2. those units are separate in Sala's setup; and
  3. I had already bought a case
and so I'll steam ahead and see where it ends up. If necessary I can buy some thinner plywood, use space-saving wooden rails or aluminium rails without the rack-ears.

My probable minimum module set is shown in this Modular Grid  example. Most of the HPs are listed in this post and the Heisenberg is 14HP

Zeus - Heisenberg - 2 * VCOs - sub - noise = 4 + 14 + (2*10) + 26 + 8 = 72 HP
foot - ribbon - vclfo - mixer - filter - lfo - adsr - dvca = 4 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 20 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 72 HP

The space with compartments is about 14½ inches (72HP) without is 17½ inches (87HP). I'll calculate the loss for rack-ears later.

I might not need the second LFO.
The foot controller is included (only 4HP), but there is no space for foot controls.
Other VCOs might make the sound more interesting, but I think the Doepfer is the narrowest I have (ASys RS95E is 12HP).
I would quite like to have an ASys RS35 (see apples and pears) in addition to the Heisenberg, but that's not going to happen with Plan A.
If I accept a separate case of utility modules (FS (deep), delay reverb), I guess this could also house the Heisenberg and RS35 and others which could usefully serve any of the other cases.

I guess the easiest solution is to build v.1 of the case with wooden rails (no loss of HP) and then consider v.2 with aluminium.

Storage for the 60cm ribbon controller also needs consideration. I thought of a snooker cue case (these come up easily and cheaply on ebay). There are also those cylinder art holder things and perhaps plastic tubing could be employed.

Schneiders say two weeks for the out-of-stock modules (104 & 140).

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