Saturday, 2 March 2013

Trautonium 2Mar13

The case arrived today. It's in reasonable condition. It looks as though the modules should fit, although the lid sits snugly over the main compartment and so the control surface will have to be recessed to close the lid over the knobs and patch leads will be right out.

I have transferred the Doepfer Trautonium module suggestions (shown here) to Modular Grid. A few changes - I removed the bus access and replaced the two separate VCAs with the dual unit. The Frequency Shifter, though it would be fun to have in the suitcase, will probably not fit with a depth of 105.

I'll make a start on the plywood inserts for the case. I will almost certainly go for aluminium rails rather than wood (the offcuts from Case 4 are just about the right size) and  intend to upgrade Case 2 and Case 3 to aluminium at some point. Wooden rails are easy to make, but not satisfactory when the intention is to move modules around.

I'll order the modules and alumongery from Schneiders as soon as the liberated funds arrive.

There are some terrific Ttm performances on YouTube by Oskar Sala: here's one and the rest are in the menu. There seems to be a lot of delay/echo used in the performance: perhaps that's another requirement for the Case.

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