Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Case 5

Even before installing any modules, the plywood adds significantly to the weight of the case and I doubt whether the original handle will be up to the task for long. I have ordered a new (described as) heavy duty leather case from Stagebox Online. They only had black. This should bolt through to the new plywood sidewall.

On the rails question, the problem with installing the (superior in use) aluminium type is locating the bolt holes accurately: a problem which is solved by rack ears but only at the expense of lost HP. It occurred to me this morning that I can use the bolt holes in the rack ears as a template for drilling holes in the plywood. Certainly worth a try, especially as I will be using rail offcuts from Case 4. There's no loss in trying and if it doesn't work I can still revert to wooden rails.

Thursday 7th
Schneiders report the modules are now in stock, so they should be here by the end of next week.

I fiddled with the rack ears but decided in the end to go for wooden rails. I'm hoping to complete the case this weekend (though the rugby will interrupt), including a makeover for the inside of the lid with an extravagant fabric.

The remaining aluminium rails can upgrade cases 2 and 3. I have one more spare Doepfer power unit, so one more case can be made.

A nagging question is the size of the Heisenberg and the RS35 as these will jockey for position in the case to drive the noise. The Heisenberg is 14HP and the RS35 12HP, so no problem swapping.

Friday 8th
On with the wooden rails. The Doepfer Mechanical Details page (click Products - Mechanical) shows module height as 128.5mm with the distance between the centres of the mounting holes as 122.5.

Woodwork complete ahead of schedule. As hoped, there's a small storage space at the top for patch cables. I just need to stain it and reline the lid. I was hoping for a paisley design, but my local haberdasher was asking £67 per metre (most of which would go spare) and so I settled for an offcut of blue velvet for £1 from a nearby charity shop. Fedex have confirmed the modules are on their way from Berlin: it usually takes the best part of a week. The new case handle is here - just the right size and looks pretty sturdy.

Saturday 9th
All done but the lid lining. I'll leave the old handle on until it gives way.

The modules have reached Cologne.

There's an excellent Heisenberg demo here.

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