Tuesday, 12 March 2013

They [nearly] fit

Schneider's parcel arrived today and so all the essential modules are now to hand.
And they fit in several important ways:

  • there's enough HP - and a little to spare for module juggling;
  • it's deep enough for the A113 sub; but
  • adding my luxurious velvet lining made the lid a rather tight fit which I dealt with by trimming the edges and applying some brute force;
  • it has also stiffened the lid and there is not quite enough space for the module knobs.
A few shavings off the side walls will take care of that tomorrow and I'll probably add the new handle at the same time as it's bound to be needed soon and disassembling the lot when the modules are screwed down will be a pain.

Here's a snap, and here's Kevin.

20th March
A delay in completing as the screws I ordered seem to have gone astray. More on the way.

There's a major article in the new Sound on Sound on boutique modules. I'll digest that and reconsider the wish list which currently comprises the Delptronics Little Drummer Boy, a delay, either f(h) or Pittsburgh and perhaps the rather expensive WMD Synchrodyne.

There's a splendid video of the Synchrodyne being ticked by a Maths here. The name was also used for a rather splendid 1928 radio featured at TSF and at the Radio Museum.

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